This website is maintained by the Shasta Sky Sailors, INC.. A timeline of our involvement at the site can be found here. We've had 40 years of development and involvement at this flying site. We shouldered the requirements as permit holders from the time it was required in 1996 until july 2014. We're very proud of the our many accomplishments at the site.

the links on the left are still active as are the site map, videos, donations and volunteers at work (links found above) and the respect the rim page.  Of course the camping/lodging link is packed with info for visitors to the site.


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8/6/15 Commercial Outings

Commercial outings to Hat Creek Rim require a commercial use permit. Commercial operations without a permit are illegal. A citation for this has been issued in the past.


3/8/15 - More BS from the "new club"

"A new club and USHPA chapter has been formed and will be the new liaison with the USDA and pilots to steward the flying site at Hat Creek Rim.
Membership is free and gives pilots a voice at Hat Creek Rim.
The new HCPA website is here
Club news and events will be updated on the blog page.
We are planning on a new forum as a place for pilots to discuss flying plans at the rim and for newer pilots to hook up with experienced pilots.

Roger Jackson"

Hey Roger - let me educate you about Hat Creek Rim. The site was developed & maintained with user and club donations (a collective 'voice' of pilots that liked what they found there and supported it). When the Shasta Sky Sailors put the word out in 1993 that we could expand the site, the flying community responded with >$2500.00 in donations (not one of those was yours, BTW). Again, their 'voice' provided the funds needed to create the #3 LZ and a 2nd launch. This more than doubled the safe soaring area at the site. When we put a toilet in the #2 LZ, again the flying community spoke - they filled it. User donations allowed us to have it pumped. Actions speak louder that words and our long list of improvements have been the result of the 'voice' of the flying community.

Before departing in 2014, in part due to the continued rhetoric by a handful of detractors like you, we had windsocks in every LZ and both launches, toilets at the main launch and most popular LZ, and a well-maintained site. What have you done other than complain about not having a voice and other delusions of yours?

BTW, anytime and place you want to debate the reality of Hat Creek Rim you let me know. I stand by my actions and those of our club. The results of which the flying community has supported for decades using their 'voice'.


2/15 --- Hat Creek Pilots Association / More Deception / Trying to Rewrite History

So there's a new USHPA chapter by the name of ‘Hat Creek Pilots Association’. This fine new chapter is also negotiating with the USDA Forest Service for the Use Permit at the site. As someone who remains interested in the future of Hat Creek Rim, I wrote the chapter contact for more particulars about this new club. What I received surprised me.

“Hi Phil,
As you are probably aware Hat Creek is an old site with a chapter on the books in the hands of an older group that no longer fly. We have continued to use and maintain the site over the years and are forming a new chapter to bring things current with USHPA and the Forest Service.
Membership is free, all I need is your name, address, e-mail and USHPA #. I will then get you added to the google acct so you can stay current.
Regarding the website, there is one but it is old and  funky and I must admit I have yet to see it.
I will look into seeing what we need to do to get it opened up.

Wow!!! While Mark does little to provide me with the club information I requested, he jumps right on the chance to provide misinformation about our club while hugely overstating their importance at the Rim. Obviously, Mark did not realize that the Phil he was responding to actually knows a bit about Hat Creek Rim.

Which brings me to the rewriting history part…

Let’s make one thing very clear. This "new" club has never had authorization to "maintain the site" - Period. It operated under a Special Use Permit until July of 2014.
The only two clubs responsible for developing and maintaining the site are the Redding Paragliding club (now disbanded) and the Shasta Sky Sailors, Inc.. That is it.
For this so-called “new” chapter to say that they “have continued to use and maintain the site over the years…”, is both perplexing and telling. Maybe this “new” club isn’t a new club at all. Perhaps it the same old group of 'real' pilots responsible for the disharmony at the site.
Whatever the case may be we all know that going to any site that is operating under a use permits (like Tam, Funston, Woodrat, Ed Levin, etc., etc.) and engaging in unauthorized “maintenance” is very uncool. Not only uncool but in some cases, like at Hat Creek Rim (HCR), it is illegal.

I suggest this “new” club concentrate on the future of the site and stop bashing others. With hard work and dedication to the site they might actually have a legitimate working history there someday…


USHPA Chapter No More :)

2/15/15 - After 40 years as a chapter of the USHPA, the Shasta Sky Sailors, Inc., have decided to discontinue our association with them. Why would we do that? To say we're disillusioned with the leadership of the USHPA would be an understatement... let's just leave it at that.


Shasta Sky Sailors' Decal Available Now!!

Our club decal is a screen printed 3in vinyl sticker. It's UV resistant and waterproof. It suitable for outdoor use and can be placed most anywhere. Show your support for the club responsible for pioneering and developing Hat Creek Rim for 40 years. Send your $5.00 donation to 1203 Sisley Road. Penryn, CA. 95663. Your sticker will be promptly shipped. Checks payable to Shasta Sky Sailors.


10/20/14. I finally updated our work party page to show the work done in April of 2014. You can click the link to the left (volunteers at work) or here to see our final volunteer work done as the Special Use Permit holders at the site.


10/10/14. Who's negotiating the future of the flying site at Hat Creek Rim? That a good question. The future of this site should be a collaborative effort that includes feedback from the entire flying community. Remember back several months ago when Region II Director Jugdeep Aggarwal announced he would be spearheading this effort? To date nothing has been posted about the progress of his efforts. Don't be too surprised if the negotiations for this very public site remains void of the flying community's input - or, void of input from all but a very select group of "real" pilots.


UPDATE 8/26/14 - Fresh from the FS - The Rim is OPEN

The road closures for the Hat Creek Rim have been lifted. The barricades were removed last night. I know many of you were hoping to fly this weekend, so I wanted to let you know right away.

I sent this to everyone in my email contacts, but please pass it on to others who may be interested.

Tami Taylor
Acting Lands and Recreation Officer
Lassen NF, Hat Creek Ranger District
530.336.3381, Fax 530.336.5758


Current CalFire Incident Info here.

The TFR for the area has been lifted.

Hat Creek Rim Fire Closure Update - 8/21/14
As of today, per the Forest Service, the forest west of the Pacific Crest Trail remains CLOSED. East of the PCT is however now open. Considering that the Hat Creek Rim flying site sits just west of the PCT (by mere feet in some places) this is a bit frustrating. So close but yet so far...
The Forest Service said it was "too soon" to know whether or not the area west of the PCT would be open for the Labor Day weekend . There's still time for a last minute opening of the Rim

The forest is closed, including the flying site due to fires in the area

There is currently no access to the flying site (see FCO below). We are checking the status of the closure daily and will post the forest opening as soon as it opens.


Notice to Pilots

We've discontinued our Special Use Permit (SUP) at Hat Creek Rim. This was a difficult but necessary decision.

Per the Forest Service SUP requirement, we have removed all of our facilities/improvements from the flying site. The Forest Service is allowing temporary windsocks and a toilet at launch until a new Use Permit is processed.

For those who have supported and used the site responsibly over the decades, thank you very much. Hat Creek Rim has been an all volunteer effort that has worked since 1975. We are proud to have been part of such a wonderful experience.


The Shasta Sky Sailors’ Hat Creek Committee


Fire Restrictions began July, 1st 2015 at the Rim




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