the Shasta sky sailors are the proud pioneers and developers of Hat Creek Rim. We've been instrumental in every major improvement at the site since 1975. Volunteers from our club and donations from the flying community have made Hat Creek Rim the site it is today.


Club Contacts

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Phil Sergent: or call 916.838.1064
Jeff Wade:
Brian Bokkin:
Mike Hunter:


Update, 7/10/14. We discontinued our Use Permit at Hat Creek Rim due to ongoing modifications to the main launch. These modifications were unauthorized and posed unnecessary risk to users.
However, we remain committed to the future of Hat Creek Rim. We did not develop and maintain this outstanding site for forty years to see it misused and abused by anyone, or any club. We remain vigilant and ask all visitor to the site to do the same. Please report any unsafe conditions, abuse or misuse to us or the Forest Service.

Thanks you,

The Shasta Sky Sailors

Proud volunteers since 1975.