Fireside Village is a must stop for all visitors to the area - it's that good.

Fireside Village, owned and operated by Jack and Donna Garner, is an important part of what makes the overall visit to Hat Creek Rim so darn great. Fireside has a small grocery store and restaurant. The restaurant has a comfortable country atmosphere (you are welcome to refill your own coffee) and serves home cooked meals that are fabulous. Wait until you try one of Donna's famous milk-shakes. It's a must stop for all visitors. The store has all your typical small store items. Jack seems to know what most folks forget when they pack for camping and keeps them on hand. You can also get current hang gliding and paragliding information at the store or at the Pilot Bulletin Board located on the side of the store. Fireside Village is only one mile from Hereford Ranch Campground. and only six miles from launch. Their contact info is: Rt 2 Box 591 Hat Creek, CA 96040 - 530 335.4505


Sadly, Fireside Village is no more. This wonderful store and restaurant burned to the ground during the Eiler Fire that started July 31st, 2014.

Hat Creek lost a true treasure. It was a popular stopping spot for pilots flying Hat Creek Rim.