If you plan on using it - please support it

Stickers are also available at Fireside Village. Site guides are available at Fireside and Hereford Ranch Campground

The annual required costs at Hat Creek Rim are ~$900.00 per year. These costs just cover the basics: Site insurance ($300), Use Permit Fee ($158) and the pumping of the toilet on launch $150 X 3 - $450). It doesn't include the pumping of the popular toilet in the #2 LZ and other costs. If you plan on flying the site please consider a small donation. If all the users at the site make a small donation then covering the costs of operating this wonderful site are covered. Hat Creek Rim is an all volunteer effort that has worked for decades. Keep the tradition alive. THANK YOU.

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Hat Creek Rim Sticker - $15.00 requested

How do we cover the the substantial operating costs at Hat Creek Rim? Shirts and stickers!! The baseline costs at the site are ~$900.00 per year!! This only covers the site insurance, use permit and the costly but required sanitation needs.

When you support the fundraising efforts donations are used responsibly to maintain and improve Hat Creek Rim!! Examples of how donations are used are site insurance, pilot bulletin board, site guides, pumping porta-potties at launch and in the #2 LZ, permanent wind socks in the LZs, clearing of vegetation growth in the LZs, especially the #3 LZ, road maintenance, site repairs, and any other expenses that may occur. Here's donations (and volunteers) in action.

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PLEASE, if you use the site, or plan on using the site, please consider helping - become a 'Friend of the Rim' - 100% of all donations go to the benefit of Hat Creek Rim. Thanks to all who have support flying at Hat Creek Rim over the last 37 years!!! All those who donated become non-voting 'friend of the Rim' members. If you wish be become a full voting member go here.


ALSO, we have fundraiser shirts. They are HALF PRICE until all stock is gone. Available colors are Natural and Ash. There are no returns on clearance items.


The small pocket logo on the right is on the front of the shirts.

The $5.00 factory misprinted shirt is a great deal for a high quality shirt. The original design (on the left) has a different shade of green and no white in the design (the white was left uncolored allowing the color of the shirt to show through). Shipping for 1 to 2 shirts $7.00, for 3 to 4 shirts $14.00, 5 or more shirts email for pricing.


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Here's a sample order for shirts (you'll have a chance to enter this info during the ordering process):

1 XL (ash or natural) color - 7.50 ea
1 XL (ash or natural) color - 5.00 ea

Total you order and Include shipping in your donation ($7.00 in this example)

Total donation would be $19.50 -