This page contains important site information. Here you'll find TFR info, fire restrictions, forest service notices, etc.



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Why do we ask pilots who fly the Rim to provide their USHPA info... Please read the letter from the USHPA and the letter of support from the Forest Service. Bottom line, we are trying to comply with their requests...

Please read this important message from the President of the USHPA below and the letter of support from the Forest Service below that.

This should clear up any conflicting information you may have read or heard about the site...

Per USHPA President Rich Hass, we need to ensure everyone flying Hat Creek Rim is a current USHPA pilot. This means is we need the cooperation of the entire flying community. The site insurance provided by the USHPA is REQUIRED by the Forest Service and is critical to the future of the site. If we can't show that those flying the site are ALL USHPA members, we risk losing the insurance.

Here's what Rich wrote in an email to our chapter;

"I understand the awkward position your chapter is in, being required to have site insurance by the FS but not having any authority to enforce the conditions your chapter has agreed to enforce as a condition of securing site insurance. As a precondition to granting site insurance, USHPA's insurance carrier REQUIRES chapters to enforce two rules: USHPA membership and helmets. USHPA understands the Forest Service cannot and will not grant your chapter police powers. This shouldn't stop your chapter from posting the USHPA membership and helmet rules as REQUIREMENTS. So long as your chapter is making a good faith effort to enforce these requirements through education and peer pressure, you shouldn't run afoul of USHPA or our insurance carrier.
If peer pressure and education aren't working, your chapter should consider asking the FS for support. The FS needs to understand that your chapter's ability to secure site insurance is dependent on requiring all pilots to be USHPA members and wear helmets. The FS can help by writing to offending pilots, when asked by your chapter, advising them of these two requirements. By doing so, the FS can help your chapter and USHPA keep the USHPA insurance program operable. It is in the FS's interest to do so, as the USHPA insurance coverage only applies to USHPA members."

Based on Rich's comments, we believe the right thing to do is show that we can self-regulate ourselves. Having a record of USHPA members who are flying the site helps us do that. As Rich mentions above, our chapter is obligated to do our best as a condition of securing and maintaining the needed site insurance at Hat Creek Rim.

Please follow the simple site protocol when flying Hat Creek Rim. It takes only the few minutes to fill out and mail or email your USHPA info to us (name, USHPA# and expiration date). The optional fundraiser enables us to cover operating costs. Clearly, we don't want to lose our insurance at Hat Creek Rim -

The letter below illustrates the importance of having the Use Permit at Hat Creek Rim and the Forest Service's appreciation for implementing best practices at the site.. Without the permit and insurance, the longevity of the site would be at risk - more risk than we are willing to take. Hat Creek Rim has been around since 1975; its our goal to see it around for decades to come...

Temporary Flight Restrictions (follow link, select California, and hit 'GO').

Fire Restrictions (campfire restrictions are often in effect by late June or early July)

Road restrictions/closures or use the Caltrans QuickMap

Emergency Services; Dial 911 or find a service here
Hat Creek Volunteer Fire Dept.
Telephone: (530) 335-3026


Site Contacts

Northern California FM Simplex Operations Guide (opens .pdf file) 146.415 is the simplex frequency sometimes monitored at the site.