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please share your thoughts about the future of the Rim.

after 40 years at the site our daze as the permit holder are numbered - see the countdown counter at the bottom of this page. what will happen after that? that's a good question.
some believe the use permit is a "useless" permit and not needed. others believe we should continue to comply with forest service requirements (after all the entire site sits on forest service land).
what do you think?
you can leave feedback with editor@hatcreek.info. or you can leave comments on the site's facebook page. the comment period will end april 30th, 2015. here is a 2010 letter from the forest service explaining the importance of the use permit.


Hat Creek Rim and this website are maintained by the Shasta Sky Sailors, USHPA Chapter #57. A timeline of our involvement at the site can be found here. We have nearly 40 years of development at this flying site and have been permit holders there since the Forest Service first required a Use Permit back in 1996. As the pioneers of the site we've spearheaded virtually every major improvement at the site including the creation of the #3 LZ, south launch, expansive setup and parking area and the improvements to the access roads to the LZs (cattle guards). We are veteran Rim pilots actively working to provide and preserve this world class flying site for the flying community to enjoy for decades to come.

Hang gliding and paragliding are both popular at the Hat Creek Rim. The site has enough room for all who want to fly here and a history of putting smiles on the faces of those who do. While visiting Hat Creek Rim please fly safely and respect the site and other users. The map of the site shows the general layout of the area and includes interactive links to comprehensive information about the site and local services. Another Topo view map gives you tips about flying the highest section of the ridge. The Site/Flying Information page contains recommended pilot skills and other important information. There are two launch areas; Main and South, three permanent landing areas, #1,2&3, a store, restaurant & campground, consistent summer glass-offs, 2WD roads, unimproved camping in the LZs, and an abundance of other recreational activities in the area. Enjoy your visit to Hat Creek Rim.

While in the area, check out the several other flying areas, all less than four hours apart; (Hat Creek Rim, Whaleback, Herd, Lakeview, Or., and Woodrat, Or.) For assistance in planning your flying vacation at the Rim, feel free to contact any of these club volunteers. Pictured on the right is Hat Creek Committee member, Phil Sergent, high about the south ridge.

Services closest to the flying site.
A short drive from launch (about 7 miles) is Fireside Village (store and restaurant) and Hereford Ranch Campground (camping, store and RV park). Both are along the access road to launch and can be seen here on the site map (lower left corner of map). The nearest gas is about 13 miles away from the turnoff to launch so plan accordingly. Old Station is south of the site on HWY 89 and Burney is north of the site - gas is much cheaper in Burney. Both can be found by clicking this map Who visits this website... it's viewed 'round the world. Before heading to Hat Creek Rim please check here for important site info and/or fire restrictions.

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